Share calendars via FTP

Scalp is a nifty little tool to share your iCal calendar with anyone. View full description


  • 5 publishing settings
  • Easy to share on FTP


  • Limited to .Mac
  • A little unstable


Scalp is a nifty little tool to share your iCal calendar with anyone.

This little hack lets you publish a calendar to . Mac via FTP or SFTP.

You can set a password and username to protect it in SFTP, in case you want your calendars to be private. Publishing to iCal can be a very good and fast way of actually sharing dates and notes with your friends and colleagues.

Scalp lets you set five different publishing settings: tasks, titles and notes, automatic modifications, alarms and attachments. Effectively you can then almost publish different versions of the same calendar.

Setting up Scalp is a little tricky, especially managing to connect via FTP to your . Mac account, but once it's up and ready, there's no real difficulty to running the program.

The application can still be a little unstable though, especially on Power PC, where it hasn't really been tested.

Despite its instability, Scalp is a nifty hack to easily publish iCal calendars via FTP to .

Apple's iCal can help you share your schedule by publishing calendars to . Mac and WebDAV servers. Because . Mac is expensive and WebDAV can be hard to come by, Scalp is a tiny hack for iCal that allows calendars to be published to the Web via FTP and SFTP.